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Welcome to The Oasis

Oasis Swap
A B2B DEX offering custom backend control for token & pool issuers.
The Oasis is a first of its kind DEX that prioritizes business needs. We offer a full backend customization in terms of fees, slippage & more so any business can implement any part of the DEX (Swap, LP, SSLP Orderbook) natively through a smart contract.

A Web3
Retail Model

The Ormuz
A full suite of tools to bridge manufacturing, retail and brands.
The Ormuz is a combination of a front end e-commerce shop, with back-end b2b tools that combine Shopify, stripe and a manufacturing hub in one company. We make it easy for brands, artists & projects to travel between web2 and web3.

Become a Gobi Merchant

Merchant 1
Merchants NFT Collection
A community of Merchants supporting Gobi Labs & taxing the ecosystem.
Merchants are our de-facto pfp collection for all of our products. They act as guides for new entrants into the desert, and earn rewards by taxing every product within the Gobi Labs ecosystem through monthly Guild Ceremonies. 
A first of its kind fully on-chain sportsbook that settles lines on the Solana blockchain while giving full custodial control to the user. Simply connect & bet, and the smart contract auto sends you your winnings!
Hidden in the vast, borderless desert sand, comes a brand that usually will get you banned. We like a giggle or two, and our stuff isn’t for the meek, for we will do what makes us laugh — full tongue in cheek.
With the full legalization of cannabis in Thailand, Eden is the first cannabis grower index on the Solana blockchain that guarantees consistency from lineage to harvest in an opaque market, filled with unknowns.
Puzzles is a content channel that creates motion graphic style explainers focusing on business, markets & crypto. It is built & run by Gobi Labs.