What You Can Use $GOBI For

Earn $GOBI emissions from staking & providing liquidity on the Oasis
Redeem $SOL every month by burning Medallions & $GOBI
Buy exclusive items from HighJinx & Ormuz only available with $GOBI
(ETA 2023 Q4)
Receive JACKPOT tickets every time you bet in $GOBI on the Colosseum
(ETA 2023 Q4)
Receive a 20% discount every time you buy cannabis in $GOBI in Thailand

The $GOBI Ecosystem Token

Treasury20,000,000 (20%)
Staking Emissions35,000,000 (35%)
MAPS NFT Holder Airdrop1,500,000 (1.5%)
Team15,000,000 (15%)
Angel Round Investors4,000,000 (4%)
DEX Emissions24,500,000 (24.5%)